New Toy tonight, CarpeDiem GSM Addon for Palm m-series

Yeah……. it was quite a bit of a story…..

Some while ago, I mention in the weblog that my HDD went down, so I was on and offline for a while…..

In the period, I miss a few important emails, including an offer of a CarpeDiem GSM Addon for Palm m-series at a very fair price…… I was a bit upset for a while about it… as this piece of hardware wasn’t easily seen on market…

Called friend G as he was lucky enough to get the offer, he told me his brother was enjoying it, so I told him if he would like to “unload” it someday, let me know, I am after it….

Lucky enough I was browsing around some auction site lastnight, saw someone was selling this Addon at the same price of the offer, of coz, I click “buy it now” this time!! hehe….

The seller contact me today for the deal, and I ask him did he just bought the Addon recently?

And the answer is yes, it was from the same offer..

So finally, back to UTP’s hand, never too late, at least it is here baby!! haha!

Sometimes I think the joy of these gadget hunting/collecting is not only the part when you enjoy using it, while the time you hunt for it…

Reminds me of the good old days of “fun toy” hunting in trade exchange in NZ…driving few hours for an old Atari 2600/Lynx, enjoy driving in county side in beauti-NZ, meeting nice people across the country (some nice seller offer me tea/coffee and cookies.), making friends with people I normally won’t meet. (Remember me Mr. J the Mac Guru in the north? I was the Chinese guy who show you MacOS on PC in the east!)…….

Yes, I am loving it!