Changing default Favorites entries in Treo 650 Phone app.

On the Treo650 Phone App, there is a handy function call Favorites Buttons.

But by default, there are a few default entry locked.
Example Contacts, VoiceMail etc….

Think most Treo user would love to assign their own selected app to these buttons isn’t it?

Basically, entries are stored in PhoneFavorites2DB.prc in RAM of the Treo650, using Resources Editor on Palm, example Bird, RsrcEdit, you can delete the records by these utilities.

Or if you want to do it in an easy way, a developer has develope a piece of nice software call UnlockFav, which you can easily unlock the preloaded entries.

You can found the software at As their site is in chinese, so I decided to mirror a copy here for user who can’t read chinese.
Mirror of UnlockFav