Setting for Smartone In 3G WAP service on SGH-i530.

Found that the price of my current mobile plan is almost the same price to the 3G ones, I can get Live News from Smartone In by WAP and 10 free MMS each month with a cost of $HKD20, not that expensive, so I decided to “upgrade” to the 3G plan. (altho I am still on a 2G phone….)

Upgraded the plan last night in a Smartone shop, the lady in the shop told me that account will be upgrade and ready to use in 1 hr with a tone of R2D2…..what a “professional” service there! I prefer to hear some human answer tho….)

The i530 was running out of battery on that night, so I didn’t ask them to set the settings up for the WAP service, thought I would have easily set it up myself with the help of google…..

Found that there wasn’t much documentation and info on the website of Smartone……….well……….

Tried many other documentation, all showing screenshot of a Network setting panel from a Treo, make sense there…..but the thing is APN setting was missing in the i530 network panel……

Ok, lets go to the shop, they should have done the work for me isn’t it? I am a CUSTOMER after all man!!! hehe….

Went 3 shops, no one has any idea WTH they need to set…. I was told normally settings were done by SIM service, so once a SIM caerd was inserted, setting will be load and all they normally do is click “Connect”…..
The last shop I went in MK was ok, at least he spend sometime looking for references and help from their Intranet FAQs (Why not these help info on the Internet there??), still, he was not able to set the link up…..

Finally, back to UTP old “Do My Own” way… below are the settings that I got working on the Samsung SGH-i530.

Connect to: Phone
Via: GPRS Modem
Model: Standard GSM
Speed 57600bps.
Init String:

Username: 1
Password: 1
Connection: (The connection we just made)
Phone: *99***1#

The build in WAP browser in the i530 works great, but I found that href with Chinese chars do not work, I may need to find another better WAP broswer that support Chinese Big5 chars…..(WAPman 1.8 does not work tho……)