Getting software to run on the Samsung SGH-i530

As far as I know, this phone was never released to public other than staff of the 2004 Athens Olympics….

Thats why there was no software developed to work on this phone other than the build-in ones, it was one of my concern when I was planning to get this phone, anyway, the to be or not to be, be wons!

In the 3 days software installing and playing around, I found that actually the case isn’t that bad here, at least, basic software like CJKOS, PenPower, iSilo, TCPMP that I use most of the time works.

I was having some problem tho on getting a few software like Crash to work on the i530, as it checks the machine ID to make sure it runs on the machine, it is a good idea to do so to prevent some dummy users, not me here tho, well, a binary hack of changing a TC ‘MT64’ machine ID to the i530 machine ID ‘BLFM’ wasn’t that hard…..

Just a suggestion for Palm developer, if you plan to allow user to select different functional button in your software, instead of setting functional keys to a hard-coded key chars, try something like Hi-Launcher, MyLittleTank and LJP, they set keycode by scanning the user actual keyDown input, its good in cases where not every Palm device has a same hard key, and by this way user can use whatever key they wanted on their device for the software. (one of the software I wish they do this is iSilo, too bad the button option has preset all the keys, I can’t seems to be able to use the 5way on i530 for screen up and down……)

Gernally speaking, most software that runs on OS5 works, and I am suprise on finding out i530 actually follow some OS5 Phone APIs, I am able to send a number to dial by the phone libary, but the catch is, the Phone App by Samsung doesn’t seems to be able to catch the call, I can’t disconnect no matter I press the hangup btn, nor closing the flip…..(the line does drop when the other side hang off, but this wasn’t usable isn’t it?)

SMS is another issue for me, as I may use some chinese chars for SMS, too bad, as I should have expected tho… (Wonder does the SMS apps on Treo650 works on i530, maybe, maybe not……. and wonder is it possible to get CJKOS unicode<->big5 part working on the build-in SMS program….)

As a PalmOS developer too (altho I am a shitty one), I went to the Samsung developer forum for a SDK and more inforamtion, no suprise i530 was never listed instead of the old i330 and i500 which was released in the US CDMA network, and anyway there are no signs of SDK for them anywhere in the site, only USB drivers…..
Well, email them about SDKs, but as I suggest, if I am able to see any reply, this is call Luck!

At least up to now, I am very happy to get the SGH-i530 running, may try to hack my way thur when I get more time…..

Oh yes, I should try to add the new PIM software to the i530, I think this shouldn’t be too hard..