Finally, the Samsung SGH-i530.

To be or not to be part II, the answer is…… yeap!

Finally, I get a chance to get this very special PalmOS Smartphone, the Samsung SGH i530!

I was looking forward for such a phone for so long, I think since 2001~2002, Samsung anns. this phone for so long and they even changes the specs so many times.. (I recall the first time I saw the i5x0 was a photo from a friend in CeBit Germany 2002.)

Samsung never release such a device for the GSM network since then (I only saw the i500 in US and the i539 CDMA in CN), at least, not publically.

This i530 was actually only released to Staff of the 2004 Athens Oymlpics Games.

Too much to be test now, so let me post some photo first!

Front view, notice the OLED front panel!!

the OLED is now in “Self Pic” mode, which allow you to take photo even the Flip is close.

Self Pic mode with Flash Light on

KeyPad Light is Blue!! Yum…..

The “PalmOS 4 Of a Kind” Btns

Service Light now in Blue Color! (it can be config to White in Pref)

Ar Ha, the Officalls Athens 2004 Logo!

Reset pin at the buttom.

From the Left, SD Slot, Cam btn, and a Home btn

From the Left, Handfree, Volume up/Down, IR port

Another front view.

See the Palm Powered Logo.

Stylus on the right buttom.

Extentable Stylus

Comming Soon.
Software review, more in-depth review.