Debian, hum!!!

I think it is something like Love it or not for Linux…

As far as I remember it was like 1996 or 1997 I was first introduced to Linux by teach E, wasn’t such a great exp for me as I was still very young in computing, spend me weeks to get a little server up….

It came to a few years back when I had a chance to get back to Linux, this time it was much much more better exp as Linux has gone so far since I first touch it with no help at all.

I remember it was RedHat 5 or 6.

Currently I spend some time on building a so call Video Capture server for my personal use as I really would love to watch some informative TV shows but normally I am not at home…..
It was first started off with a “throw away” system with a PIII933 Intel, 256MB SDRAM and a BT878 TV Card, tried a few apps to capture on 3~400kbps Xvid with quite a few dropped frame, so I think it might be a good idea to give Linux a try.

Debian was selected, by using mencoder and combo of cron, apache and perl, I think it should be the best platform for me….

Spend 2 nights on getting this crappy TW TV card to work under Debian (no suprise to be honest!) about few hours to compile mencoder with Divx/Xvid and MP3Lame (not a hard work here tho), getting the debain box setup so I can ssh and vnc to work on it from the other machine….

Finally getting a few capturing done!

On the way of doing this, I found it quite fun to exp as if my main task is just capturing in mpeg4 with a TV card, why not a Win32box? pay 1~2k with a faster CPU and I am there with fancy UI and more….
3 nights of work should worth more than that!

I think is the issue of can be or to be that makes me feel fun, it can be done, free! anyway that “throw away” system sits here doing nothing, why not get something done with it? why pay for something that could have been done by myself?

I felt very happy to see it up and working, but in the other side of my heart, I wonder how many user will spend this time to get it done?


Oh yes, saw the Nokia 770 with Debian Linux and Matcbox finally for sale online, too bad I was planning for something else, or…………… hehe!

Yes, I love Linux, especially Debian!