More Code, more Code!

Well, as I have already made up my mind, why give ideas to someone else while I can develope my own?

As you can see, more function was added to the weblog, have a look on the Log Navigation Bar at the right side!

the new function on the log are:
– Favorites Post
– Links
– RSS LinkCast

The first 2 are easy enough to understand, and the RSS LinkCast is something I think it might be great to add in!

Actually what it does is user can always add a RSS feed URL to the system, and the RSS of the target site will be fetch by system and display them on your site as a kind of Link and News exchange!

Too much talking, click on it and see it yourself!

Think next is back to backend admin programming, should have done that before adding more function, admin side is too much behind now…..

Ah yes, RSS feed by Category should be done soon too!!!