My first week with the Treo650

In the past week, I spend some time of playing this toy.

it is sure a very good toy from PalmOne (or now Palm?), the 5 way Nav makes it easy to use the interface, altho there was report of the mystery self-reset, but seems was fix by the lastest ROM update from Palm.

a quick nagging is:

1/: The buildin find function in Contact is shit…. at least we need something that we can search like: looking for “Theo” by “heo”, or “9160xxxx” by “160”…

2/: Why miss calls are not listed in the recent call in redial? hum…………. thats what we do all the time, call back to see who is calling… (function can be add by 3rd party program, but why not buildin?)

3/: as of today, MP3 ringtone seems standard, and we still need 3rd party apps for that? who wants AMR? not me!

hehe, but gernally speaking, I am impressed.

maybe another review of Treo?