Hi everyone! welcome 2005!

didn’t update the log for so long…..
finsall got my first true tabletPC, the motion computing m1300, I have to agree, since Windows 2000 Advance Server, this is the first time I agree M$ made a good OS, no wonder Gates prompt this great product on TV himself!

I was cleanning up my messy HDD, with all those TMP and HAVE TO SORT directory, and find alot of funny photos I took in the past, I shall post some of them to the log, good memories!

my next toy should be a digi-CAM, Contax i4R, it does look cool to me with a fair price, check it out, you may like it too!

sis S, sorry didn’t chat you that day you call, you know my routine, that was too easily to tell I am still asleep that time isn’t it? hehe!
sorry didn’t post your christmas gift, sis J will bring it in, forgive me ok??

mate Y, I was watching tv the other day, found that a new singer Chow Kwok Yin look JUST LIKE YOU, wonder how is life in AU now?

sis J is back HK, we have a overnight MJ game on the new year, that was fun.

finally got contact with mate T.M from NZ, happy to hear he is doing good, we have lost contact for so long….. Internet, what a great tool!

TODO on the log in 2005:
– change the layout to XML, and provide a RSS feed.
– post more, post more…….
– add Flash version?
– post back the content of “my views” to the log? they were sitting in my Palm for so long…….

quote of the day:
<% out.print('cold, snizzing, day and night, nose dropping off!'); %>