ok, I hate Windoz!!!!!!

after X times of reinstalling windoz…….. I am so sick of it… everything was down for almost 2 months!!!! one by one!
first off windoz refuse to boot after plugging the cheapy TV card into different PCI slot. (don’t ask me why, even after I plug it back to the one it was windoz refuse to boot)
then it was HW problem, RAID card refuse to work.
then it was windoz problem, PPM refuse to work…..
due to “the Great piece of virus – windoz” all server needs to reinstall/config for work, mySQL, SSH2, FTP, HTTP, Perl, PHP, Palmsource SDK, CYGWIN, JDK, etc etc etc….(chunked 3000 words)

I was keep on having error on trying to use ppm to install any perl mod.
here is what the error look like:
ppm> search DBI
Searching in Active Repositories
Error: No valid repositories: Error: 500 Can’t connect to
ppm.ActiveState.com:80 (Bad protocol ‘tcp’) Error: 500 Can’t connect to
ppm-ia.ActiveState.com:80 (Bad protocol ‘tcp’)

ok, just a reminder, EVER EVER EVER anyone need it, it is so simple!

do flush the TCP/IP of the windoz and it works!

netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt


you save my day!!!!!!!!!!!

ok, a bit living bits and bytes:
sis S, thanks for your call! cheer up! and chk mail!
mate I, happy wedding day! all the best, I will be there tomorrow early!
mate Y, I will reply email you, I promise! plz don’t kick my butt! I know is a month late!
mate D, I am back on track for more coding on flash<->XML<->CGI<->mySQL, remind me of the good old days, didn’t see you for long! how is life?
dear R, is so happy to see you anyday anytime anywhere, you make my day “a lovly day”
brother L is back HK, hope to put sometime together, we didn’t see each other for so long!
brother M and cousine Y is back soon too, 2004 winter must be a good winter!

Quote of the day:
killbill, and everyone happy!