What a day!!

I am having a long day today, lots of packing up, cleaning, programming to make work-around for how the weblog works…
anyway I get it working, not a clever way, works anyway!
thanks sis S for the dinner, I met her bf A today, he is such a nice guy, and I am so happy to see sis S having such a nice bf! how sweet was that? (I miss you R, yes I do!)
then I went home, lay down, then mate Y call, we have a drink in the city, and he brought his gf V along, meeting new friends alot today!
seems love is all around today! haha! other than those BS guys who fought on the G street, whats the point of fighting on friday night? it should be a nice party night!

anyway, I think the weblog is sort of up, I can and will do more when I get some time, my hosting only allow me to do cgi in /cgi-bin, well, this make sub very hard to admin…
I have a question, is it possible to do string manipulation in ssi?
link foo.shtml?theo, then in the ssi I call where $foo is the passed value? if you do know the answer, please let me know, I will thanks you a million for that!
: )