Not in a good mood

Went to movie with good mate D tonight, well…. the movie sux, maybe it is because I am in a bad mood, or the movie makes me in bad mood, anyway whatever…..

To be honest, I have been Syd for almost 3 yrs, and a week to go and I am out of here, so I think is fair to give this period a conclusion.
I am disappointted, about myself, didn’t get what I was aimming for, wasting all that time and money….
and not talking about disapointing all those ppl looking up and supporting me….
luckily I know a few good friends here, so this can be counted as the “good side” on Australia trip..
friend S and mate D suggest that is a big waste for me to quit now, yes, I do agree, but I think I can not affort another 9 months or a yr to try again….
not talking about R and my family, I owe them too much, way too much.
I think I am on the middle of the road, I have to change, and make a decision… a hard one.
so so-long Australia, it was a good exp. to be here for 3 long years.

my 2 cents:
– don’t ever think you know what to do, you over estimate yourself, and nothing is under your control anyway.
– the dawn of the dead sux! at least the one I saw tonight sux! the whole movie just doesn’t make sense.