Finally, Theo’s weblog is up.

I should have done this for so long, since the very beginning of time.  I have been developing websites for firends, company, projects, assignments.

while, I never have spend enough time for a personal site, maybe this is the matter of personal belive, I belive I will have to use all my skills to make a site that I think it works and look good, so everytime, no matter I have done one, and I still feel that it can be done better, so the site was never released since I have done a little better one!

This site was done with mate D in the lab, haha, at first it was just trying to show D how to do cgi and perl, it ends up to be what you are looking at now, although I think way more can be done, but I will leave it for later on! when I have more time!  anyway, I think I will keep this one for a while.  at least the front end and the url.  lets see how long does this one last?