So fed up with these customers….

Customer X:
Record breaking, at least 40 phone calls in 24 hours, this customer keeps on calling for NOTHING, she haven’t even register our service yet, question 1 at a time, repeat and repeat all the time, she was already told it will take “up to” 1 working day to process her order at the first 3 calls, but keep on calling to question why it has not been process yet for at least 4 times.

Customer X+1:
Good logic, better then I do, this customer was calling in query about our “referral program”, he has 2 accounts, A refer B and get the 10% referral bonus, and now he wants to add the referral back to A, so he get EXTRA referral bonus (A 10% and B 10% and so on), I tried my best to explain him the policy and it simply does not make sense for this “looping” referral idea, while he called at least 4 times with different lame excuses to see are there any staff that would miss and give him the free ride.

Customer X+2:
As I posted very earlier, if you do not know something, be nice and learn, this customer call in, claims that she is new to the company and do not have any computer knowledge, she wants the domain control but she do not have any information on hand that match the register information (excuses: She is new and do not know who did the register), once I denied on the request without a Biz Register copy, she starts b*tching and wants to file a complain, oh yeah? what does she expect me to do? hand a domain control over to someone who cannot even match 1 single register info out of 10?

Customer X++

Lack of knowledge is not a sin, living without a brain that could think and learn is……

May them thrown and burn forever in the eternal fire lake..