Fake ambulance – whats next?

Ok, whats next?
Fake Olympic torch/fire? fake Tibet? or fake Lama? (Oh yeah they already have it)..

News from Singtao news:
Police in Man Kam To, Shenzhen found this “Fake ambulance” with 6 reports filed in the pass month, these vans were deteriorated as a normal ambulance in mainland China, targeted those HKers with needs. (Do you believe medical system in a place where even eggs are fake?)

A trip from travel from Shenzhen to Man Kam To borders (Hong Kong), charges were up to HK$2,800 1 trip (What a rip-off! I suggest a Taxi fee with same distance would be < HK$280).

They suggest HKers do not use service from these “Fake ambulance” as there are no medical equipment on board.

Photo and news by Yahoo HK (from Singtao news)

Oh man, I don’t know………

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