That day of the year, agian………

Okey, time for review of the year..

– Work is good, at least I am still on the position (not getting fried yet, I too surprise), hope to improve in the coming one.
– Way more toy to play (or way more $$ spends on toy?)
– Lots of codes done…
– Health is getting bad, getting old?
– Personal Life is not going anywhere, stays still…
– Went to Thailand, a few trip to Mainland CN, Macau, 5 Islands in HK, Singapore next month.

A few Special thanks to:

  • Master of utp, R, as usual, really thanks for all the time you gave me, I know you tried your best, sorry to nag all the time, I’ll try reduce them, thanks.

  • Grand Master of utp, thanks for all support in all these years.

  • C, thanks for the tolerance of me! I really do!

  • SS, thanks for all the chit chat nights man!

  • TM, is just so good to still have you here! miss NZ do we?

For others, thanks guys, surprise isn’t it? I am still alive…