What’s added, what’s missed in Samsung SGH-i600 WM6 STD upgrade?

Whats off?
– Skype 2.2Beta (Stay in connecting screen, cannot login)
– Clockontop (Seems crashing the system randomly)

Whats on?
– Slightly faster response to user input, like menu, switching between apps, etc.
– Icons, Vista like icons, larger 3G Icon on homescreen, new Un-Read SMS Icon (Where is Areo on WM6 STD?)
– Windows update. (Oh…Yeah….on WM6 STD…)
– Call History, now not only showing the last call record for the entry, but a list of records, thats handy.
– HTML Email support, and better download policy settings, you can now select different size to download on HTML email or Plain text email. (Easier to read those spam email?)
– TCPMP (Was having a conflict with homescreen on i600 WM5, now working.)
– Windows live (Somehow I cannot get it work, it does not load my contact list, thinks it is my personal problem tho)
– Oh yes, the version number in Settings>About, it does show Windows Mobile 6 Standard now. (For all those version number lover only….you know what, system core is still on 5.2!)

– Some of the addon to WM6 STD from MS is missing in the i600 upgrade, example MS Office for WM6 STD, thinks Samsung still loves Piscel Viewer (which of coz you can google the MS Office WM6 STD CAB file and install it back in), VOIP app on WM6 is missing…

May try to add more from time to time, have you discover what is on and what is off? let me know!