iPhone hacked… big security breach….

Ok, I did dream of it, and now has been done… (was dreaming on it on Palm tho)

This hack seems involves code injection from a webpage, which taking over the contrtol of the phone.

Quote from John Schwartz reporting for the NYT:

the site injected a bit of code into the iPhone that then took over the phone. The phone promptly followed instructions to transmit a set of files to the attacking computer that included recent text messages — including one that had been sent to the reporter’s cellphone moments before — as well as telephone contacts and e-mail addresses.

From gizmodo it claims even unattended phone call without user notice can be made by this hole.

Just a suggestion, instead of a careless and nasty bug/security hole, was the back door for OP to do services call? or upgrades? how come it was and can be found so easily?

No matter what, minus 2 for iPhone and Apple anyway.. just my 2 cents.

Gizmodo – iPhone’s Security Breached Loading Web Page, Complete Control Over Data and Calls