Spams Spams, and Spams…………..

Currently Theo’s weblog was under heavy spam attacks, especially on the commenting system…..

No captcha was used in the commenting system because I would like to keep things simple for friends to post comment as they like, and turn out to be appox 100~200 spam comments every 24 hours for me to audit….

Certain keyword has already been filtered, reduced spam comments to 50+…..still a headache to see them everywhere….

By the IP log appox 60% of these spam comments are from Korea, 20% from Mainland China and the rest of the world…..

So just for now, more filter has been developed to “filter” out more of this kind of spams…

Another noticeable hit was some search bot (example baidu, iaskspider, sogou) from Mainland China, they are disobeying robot.txt and hitting the site hard with appox 10% of the overall traffic….

.htaccess is now used to ban these bully off with err 403…

I think spammer should deserve to burn in hell forever!!!!