I was down….

After the great New Year 2007, I went to see doctor, 95% people met me says my stomach seems far from fat, which looks like a 7 months pregnancy women…and 100% people saw me saids I do need to see a doctor.

The Doctor said my liver was ok (hehe, yeah I am suprise with all those drinkings…), but my intestine wasn’t looking good, kind of infection…

So I scheduled a XRay test, I was given pills to “clean off” my intestine before the test….and 2 bags of powder of “don’t know what” with 2L of water in 3 hours before the night of the test…..

I think the time I spend in the toilet in these few days sitting on the loop must be more than the time I spend on sitting in-front of my computer….. (hehe, what a compare isn’t it?)

Went to the test today, I was injected with some kind of medicine in order to proceed the X-ray….

Follow by that was a 5 hours great stomach pain of getting those medicine off my intestine….

Luckily I felt much better now….

Report comming late tomorrow, and send to doctor on moday morning, so by the time, I will have to just wait….

Not a good experience to go thur….

Lets see how it goes….