Hum….What has been read?

The Weblog was down for about few hours due to corrupted xml log file used by counter, so I spend little bit time fixing it….

Ok, so a little bit summary on 2006…

The top 5 most read post was:
1/: Palm – How do I convert Movie content to my Palm with MEncoder
2722 viewers
2/: 歌詞 – 好心好報 合唱版
1883 viewers
3/: Palm – How do I convert Ringtone to my Treo650 with FFMPEG
1630 viewers
4/: Palm – Getting new PIM in OS5s to work with Fossil WristPDA
1430 viewers
5/: Palm – How-to – RSS Feed reading by QuickNews
1020 viewers

So post in Palm category has been read most, 4/5 in the ranking!