Trolltech – the Qtopia Greenphone

The Trolltech is an Opensourced Linux base phone, base on Linux kernel 2.4.19. with the GREAT open OS, what would you want to do/see on your smartphone, get started to develope TODAY!~

(Looking at the price tag…. USD $695….Ouch……sorry..I will pass……but one of my Mate P is very crazy about Linux on PDAs (Zaurus, OPIE on iPAQs etc…), I think I should really start SELLING him, hehehe…..hey P, you heard me???)

Greenphone Specification
Qtopia Phone Edition 4.1.4
Linux kernel 2.4.19
Touch-screen and keypad UI
QVGA LCD color screen
PXA270 312 MHz application processor
64MB RAM, 128MB Flash
Mini-SD card slot
Broadcom BCM2121 GSM/GPRS baseband processor
Bluetooth equipped
Mini-USB port

Trolltech – Greenphone Specs
Trolltech – Greenphone Pricing