I currently notice the numbers of spams increases by at least 100%, especially from my yahoo email account..

These spams consider different to “traditional” spam, instead of plain text like “Viagra”, “Penis”, “Fake Rolex”, they first comes with a radom generated paragraph of meaningless text, then they embedded an image (Even comes with pattern overlay to hide from OCR like scanning), which of coz, containing their ads.

Most current spam filter only filter the text content, and these spams got in without notice….

Just saw a news over NewScientist about spams.

Honest, I really don’t understand:
1/: Does anyone really use/buy their service because of the spam? I personally would first ban their product/service.
2/: Why are we the one that have to spend the time filtering these junk? they should be one to stop them! I personally support “opt-in” idea on email ads, I do thinks a big big fine would warn and stop these ppl from doing it.

Links: – Inboxes drowning in ‘image spam’