Little bit news for Palm, the In and Outs…

Little bit news in the pass week:

The New Commer

A company name Janam Technologies has join the PalmOS family, their device are design aimmed application-specific mobile computers, think it should be the first rugged, barcode-scanning Palm device running on Palm OS version 5+ (OS5.4.9).

PalmInfocenter – Janam Licenses the Palm OS, Shows New Devices
Janam Technologies

Someone came, someone gone

While Janam Technologies joins, Symbol has made decision they will conclude their PalmOS base devices, and final batch shall be ship in January 2007, Quote from the PalmInfocenter that: “They(Symbol) claim the decision to terminate Palm OS device production was reached not only due to economic factors but Access’ lack of interest in the Garnet OS in the company’s long-term plans”.

Well……alhtough the Symbol SPT-1550 and SPT-1800 is not commonly seen (I have a SPT-1550, and still sees SPT-1800 around in some shops), it is still sad to see yet one another company deciced to quit the scene…

PalmInfocenter – Symbol Concludes Palm OS Licensing Agreement
Symbol – SPT1800
Symbol – SPT1550

More bad news?

The great (or the only?) company with PalmOS base, buildin GPS manufacturer Garmin has announced to discontinue three iQue models in their line, 2 PalmOS base devices the 3600 and 3200 were marked discontinue…and the 3600a and 3000 is still alive.

Some info suggest that the discontinue may due to the EOL (End Of Life) for the older Freescale’s MX CPU used on these 2 devices, while the newer models 3600a and 3000 is still alive as they were designed to use newer CPUs.

PalmInfocenter – Garmin Discontinues Three iQue Models
Garmin – iQue 3000
Garmin – iQue 3200
Garmin – iQue 3600
Garmin – iQue 3600a

With the current “In and Out”, think we should do an update list of what is left on the PalmOSes orphanage….