PalmDOSBox – dosbox.conf

Earlier I made a post about PalmDOSBOX on TC, in the comments, Reader Maxence MOHR mention question about dosbox.conf.

It is an important config file for PalmDosBox, as it currently still has no setting/preference form for user to set custom settings, nor there is no way to input commands as input was not supported.

I too have the problem at the beginning, dosbox.conf was mention but not welly documentated in
After a few search, I came up with info about dosbox.conf online by the
Offical DOSbox, after download and installing it, I got a full dosbox.conf which was for DOSBox Win32.

Then I select the part I need, copy them into a dosbox.conf file and place it on the root “/” of my SD card by card reader.

Below are the content of the dosbox.conf I use:
# xms — Enable XMS support.
# ems — Enable EMS support.
# umb — Enable UMB support (false,true,max).


# Lines in this section will be run at startup.
mount c /