New PalmOS smartphone – the Xplore M70

When everyone looking nothing other then yet another but seems the only Treo(s), Xplore (GSL) has a suprise for everyone!

The Xplore M70 PDA Phone, a Tri-Band GSM PalmOS smartphone, with PalmOS 5.4 Garnet, 260K Color, 2.2″ TFT 176 x 220 pixels, 1.3 mega pixels CMOS camera, SD Slot, bluetooth, running on ARM 9 CPU, special featuring is function of Push Email .
Wonder does it means BlackBerry Push mail service like the VersaMail upgrade earlier?

Price has not been posted yet, but I think I would give it a wild guess on appox HK$2800, or about US$359…..(Just a personal guess)

Head up Offical Xplore website for more details!

Upadted 200609190355:
The readme posted in the chinese page seems to be incorrectly linked to manual of m68, so no info yet on the push mail client…