Long story short….didn’t have time for ANYTHING……….

As a Cantonese Slang says: “Free to die, too busy to get sick tho.” (it means bl**dy busy)

Well…Life goes on tho….

The little “Calendar View” on the right was one of the feature I would really love to see in my the weblog, some dirty code was done back in 2004, and finally….

Recently I am in lots of Flash programming, so spend a hour or two to make old code to work..

There are still room to improve of coz , and a few more feature I would like to insert to the Calendar View (Like using flashcookie to store previous Month in the calendar, getting it more interactive with the url, so that calendar auto goto the month when user viewing older post, etc etc), but by now, as far as it works..

Tell me what do you think!