WorldCup Fever – Fake LV/Burberry soccer ball

News from Mingpao:
In a raid of anti-pirate action by custom of Hong Kong, fake LV/Burberry soccer ball was found, it is believe that as summer holiday is comming soon and the current ferver of World Cup 2006, these products are aimmed for tourist in the period.

Photo and news from 20060708 HKNews

I have personally seen many famous brand counterfeits around in HK, like LV toilet paper holder, Burberry pattern T-shirt with Ralph Lauren Polo logos on it….

I think these manufacturer did spend some time and innovation on their products (altho it is illegal)

But a LV/Burberry soccer ball? really out of my imagination…

It always popup to my mind, if they have such an innovation and skills of making a counterfeits product which they claims it looks so real or even better, why don’t they spend the affort on something new and better?

Of coz, with a country next to us that even Eggs or Soybean source can be fake, what else can I ask for?

Just my 2 cents….