Hack&Dev – Linux on Palm before Access.

As great developer/hacker getting their hands on the “Linux on Palm” project, other than just great progess of Linux and OPIE/GPE on Palms, a few funny “We didn’t know that!” has been discover, like:

TT3 actually has a Red LED
hackndev – Palm T|T3 Gallery

Debugger discovery
hackndev – SmallROM Debugger revealed

Oh, forgot to mention, hackndev is the site for getting Linux running on Palm devices, good progess has been made, altho not fully yet, but Linux was able to run on machine like Zire71, TC, TT2, TT3, TT5, Zire72, TE2, TX, LD, Treo650 etc, if you are interested, head of the image galleries to have a look.