Google Earth, my different experience ….

Last week, mate TM got his new TabletPC and introduce me to the Google Earth.

He shows me the latest beta, and I was surprise about how well it works on a TabletPC too!

As the price was so right (FREE), I then of coz download and install it on my m1300 too!

Spend a whole night playing around with it, pin-point where l used to live in NZ and Aus…

The result was something really out of my imagination….

Once, I decided to come back to HK with R , never really spend the time to look back, as l was browsing map with Goggle Map, lots of old memories came out from the long forgot box, Good or Bad, where I used to go for a cup of lemon tea, where I used to spend time with buddies, where I first met R ….

To be honest, since I came back from NZ, I hardly get some good sleep, I have thought about it so many times, HK, maybe I am really not the ones who should be here.
the map reading really brought me back to the good old days in NZ.

Just a few word for you R, l know you may not believe it, time we spend in NZ was one of my happiest time in my life, thanks for giving me such a goodtime, I really do…