Very upset about service from LevelOne (Everbest)….

About a month ago, the Wireless Router WBR3404TX start refusing to work (disconnect Cable/Wireless connection every 1 sec), so I deciede to send it to the warranty as it is still under warranty….

The HK dealer of LevelOne products is Everbest Technologies Ltd.

The Router was sent on 16 March 2006, and they promise a 1 week reply on the status when I ask for a appox. time of services.

1 week pass, no reply, so I give them a little bit wait, 2 weeks pass, no news.

So at the thrid week, I decided to give them a call to see whats going on.

I was told the router was sent back to TW for service, which WILL be back after the easter holiday.

Ok, 4 weeks pass, still no news (I was the one who call them, they never contact me…)

So mate TN thinks that is too long to wait for a router servicing, he called a salesman who he knows, give him a little ask.

“It will be done by the end this week!” the saleman said.

5 weeks passes, I just called them AGAIN, now this time this tech sup. is saying that he has no idea when it would my router fixed, claimming that it is STILL in TW…..

When I ask for a date, “I can’t tell you when it will be avl. as a screw was missing when you sent the router in…..”

Ar ha…….so thats the treat, my problem right?? Yes, my problem, shouldn’t have choose LevelOne form Day 0!

I am very upset about the service of LevelOne! If you have a chance to select network product, DO NOT SELECT LevelOne, especially from the dealer Everbest.

Update 20060516 0141:
After a 2 month long service, I still hear NO REPLY from Everbest (not even 1 call anyway from Everbest), I was having enough of life without WiFi, well, I bought myself a netgear already, lets see how many more months I am gonna wait untill they do give me a call with some result.

Why call EverBest while it is not the best, and never was?

Update 20060518 0200:
I was contacted by staff of Everbest today in the morning about the issue of the router, which he said the serviced router is ready for pickup. (should that happen 1.5 months ago?)

I wonder was this coincidence or what, after I post update to the status of the router, and it is ready…..

well, at least I am going to get my router back.