Get personal (200604 week3)……

– R is as lovely as usual.
– Mate TM is comming back to HK tonight, is so good to have you back, how was the trip?
– Mate C is going back to UK tmr, looking forward to see you soon.
– Mate NB back from TW, glad to hear you sounds better.
– Link to Mate P Blog has been added, suprise I never did add it, sorry man..
– trip de Zhu Hai and Macua was fun.
– Went a little walk in the country side today, hot, but nice, suprise we was the only few % chinese in HK country side…
– Z == poison, no matter Tapwave Zodiac 2 or Sharp Zaurus
– HDD0, HDD1, HDD2, HDD3 are running low, DVDR0 should start working hard.
– $P_SDCard– while $P_DDRRAM++;
– Why do you need updatessssssss on a Windoz if it was correctly coded?
– Beer, Beer, Beer, beer overflow should do beer–;
– Hot, Wet, hate Air Cond. Dirty……
– R looks even more lovely than usual.

Oh yes, can someone please email me a cup of Iced Coffee with Ice, Rocky Road Ice cream and extra Cream on top? I can use one right now….

Quote of the week:
You happy, so I happy. (was that from a song of Fai Wong?)