Finally, I didn’t sleep, but….

Yeah, RSS Feed done on time.

While I was broswing around with Google Sitemap, find that they are adding mobile site map.

So it came to an Interest to do a little bit more then planned.

As you can see on the left hand side, instead of just the RSS Feed XML icon, I have just done the XHTML 1.0 version of the Weblog.

I should have done such a version for ages, as then it make sense for PDA/Mobile user like us, providing a more friendly version on our devices!

I think it would be nice for an WML version, reminds me of the year 2k WAP developing…..

Give it a try for the new version of the Weblog, tell me what you think!

For user who want to try Google on XHTML, try

And if you would like to validat your codes for XHTML, here is what you need!

Ok, thats it for the day! Morning everyone!!!