Thinking of changing the Weblog again……

When I first develope this weblog, I never sit down and think clearly how to use this weblog, reason has been posted on the first few post of the log….

Currently as you can see, I have introduced some ad from google adsense, trying to get just a little bit income for the hosting fee…

The main issue is not the Ad, but I realize that the way I develope the Weblog is so “un-search engine friendly”…..

escpecially Google….

So I am thinking, should I really change the backend of the log, so that it gets a little bit more search engine friendly?

I think it may take me a little time, like a few days, but can I spare the time now??


Quote of the week:
Darkness thought running away from Light is the only way, you can run away, but you just can’t forget, never.