HDD001 Seagate finally RIP…….

20GB Seagate aka HDD001 finally walk to this very day.
She has just passed away yesterday about 5:00PM HKT……

Yesterday when I walk home, I saw the screen with a NTDLR missing, I know something not good happens…..

She has been with me for a very long while, I think even the old days in NZ….

It has been good days with her…. lots of fun download, devleopings…

Altho re-installation of OS, installing SDKs, config of Services are a great pain, it wouldn’t be as much pain as the lost of you.

so RIP HDD001, don’t worry, I think 20GB Seagate aka HDD002 now on debian won’t last any longer, soon joining you to the door of heaven, and I will live on strongly with laugher and joy like we used to have…

1 sec silent for HDD001………….