Tom Yum Goon, hum………

Altho it was still rainning heavily today, but I still went to movie with R today.

We saw the movie from Thai Actor Mr. Tony Jaa, the movie name is Tom Yum Goon.

I am not very suprise to see a simular story to his last movie, but suprise to see the movie was taken in Sydney, which lots of places in the movie are so familar to me….

Time in Sydney was good times………..

It also reminds me of friend Nook, hi there, how was live in AUS?

Luckily, R seems to be very happy with the movie, I was worry she may found it a little bit too much action, but seems it was due to the “Post-Seven Sword Movie Syndrome”, I think she would find ANY movie good, anyway the 2.5 hours version Seven Sword played in HK cinema was horrible…..

Oh yes, Tom Yum Goon, Yum………Feel like a bowl….