Samsung Kills i500……

Normally I do not post news about Palm, as I think it would be a very hard affort to keep news uptodate, this is my personal weblog, not another PalmInfocenter.

But I think this maybe something I would like to post….so well…this Samsung Smartphone reminds me of a good friend…

Back to title, saw this news on PalmInfocenter about Samsung discontinue i500, also another thread in PUMB mentioning the i530.

I personally like the design of a clamshell PalmOS Smartphone, I was waiting an OS5 Smartphone since the day back 2002, the Kyocera 7135 Smartphone was surely a good one, but in OS4….I know the new m98 from Xplorer, but GSL? 2 hours talk time? TranFlash instead of SD? no thanks…..oh yes, this is 2005 release right?

It has been so long since Samsung show off their i5xx in the Cebit back in 2002, but it was never offically on sales until 2 months ago, the i539 in Mainland China running on CDMA (a GSM version, i530 was GIVEN to staff of the olympic game 2004).

Which of coz, I want GSM, or 3G is also ok.

Once upon a time I saw a i530 GSM on sale at ebay UK, I was, I mean I was thinking to bid on it, altho it was asking for 800USD for a used phone…..

Luckily I didn’t bid on it, or master R is gonna kill me…

It was sad that the i5xx didn’t really go on to the main market, I think it would be a very nice PalmOS machine and I am sure there should be many user loving it…

And also sounds to me that Samsung is yet another PalmOS manufacturer that may go off, like Sony….(News was posted yesterday Samsung release their first Symbian smartphone, well, I never like Symbian, too complex…I want a smartphone, not a rocket.)

Altho many company seems quiting PalmOS, but I think PalmOS is on the right track now, Smartphone market is the one in the next 10 years!

lets see what LG is cooking, hopfully a good one…..

and Long Live Samsung i500, I will, one day, collect one as a collectable!