Hot and busy days….

It was hot these few days in HK… is even hotter than the trip l went in Shanghai, 35C …….well, at least I am now with air cond. on my bed.

Maybe the weather is just too hot, food gets bad easily, was in bad stomachache for almost a week by a bowl of noodle and a cup of drink in a small cafe….

Didn’t feel good this week, little bits and bytes was around me with stomachache….almost 0 code was written, paper work, meetings, phone calls and toilet build up my day, didn’t sleep well either, maybe I need a little bit of brain defragment…(or a Lower Level Format?)

Oh yes, at least some kind of excitement, a Zire Orginal and an IBM Work Pad C3 join the collection, and a few more to come tomorrow…

R’s Sister E is back H.K., we have a great weekend in TST. She looks just as lovely as R.

Friend W is back to H.K. too, we have a good meal and chat with Mate J and Friend A!

Friend M is asking me to find him a palm at about 3xxHKD with SD slot. lets see what I can do tomorrow.

Mate I told me he just bought an apartment, good on you mate, seems everyone is going on their correct way… (excluding me!)

Mate Y sent me an email, man, I should have reply… I should have….

R, I wish you’re next to me right now, and I wish it happens everyday and night.

Quote of the week:
There is no shortcut! I thought there was, and maybe there is, but I think I just can’t call it shortcut anymore when I look at the time I have spent to find it……..