Tried……. but still happy….

I just don’t understand why it has to be sort in this way, but seems this is the only choice I have now, well…….

I think HK is still a place that law rules, not BSes.

On the other side, the saga currently happening give me a great chance to think of myself..

1. R, you are my support, thanks. I will try my best to do anything just for you.
2. Family is always supporting, thanks Mom.
3. I have been warned by almost everyone who used to work with you, I choose the way…..seems I have under-estimated…. anyway, thanks for the job at the correct timming, but I think it has gone too far…

I hope things get settle soon, I just don’t want to waste my power and time on this kind of pointless things… I am only asking for what I should have, not more.

last week was brother M’s birthday, hey mate, work hard there, everyone is looking up on you, you can’t be doing wrost than me, I am the wrost one, NOT YOU! (enjoy your 512MB Thumb Drive, I am still stuck with a slow speed 256 SD card…)

cousine XQ is going back to Singapore soon, sorry didn’t show up today in the tea meeting, car broke down…. all the best! work hard! add oil!
(hehe, I still can’t belive that little girl who was so afraid of blood can become a nurse.. ouch, don’t hit my head! I need that for work…..)

oh yes, please say hi to auntie, uncle and your brother for me, I will try to see if I can come to Singapore this year,

quote of the week:
I am just here to work, nothing more.