yes, more code done……….

yep, more code are done for the weblog.

as I am planning to make this log even more flexible for Minnaya Cafe, something like multi-user, different templetes, securities issue are needed… many ideas has to be introduced to the log instead of a weblog that was suppose to be a half-cooked bacon… hehe

I am sure friend F, T, M will like it when it is done! I just love your cafe, I really do.

I think a flash version on the same back-end is gonna be cool! wonder how cool will it looks like if timeframe is possible….

altho, Time is always aginist us….. said Morphis

anyway, way more to go, yet more coding tmr!

oh yes, are going to move in soon, visit them! the real cafe and the website!

Minnaya Cafe
Rm1101-02, 11/F, 43H Dundas Square, Dundas Street, MK, KWL
Tel. 35972094

quote of the week:
perl, perl, perl, no more php/jsp/asp plz….