Tried week……..

ok, what a week…..
I have been back from AUS 5 months, which I spend 4 months looking for job, ok, I got some now, and they keep comming…..
is this call “seeding”?

JSP JSP JSP JSP, I am so sick of it, how can some one design something which can be so easily done and simple with CGI this complex? ar…………. I HATE JAVA….

should I really tell friend E I can’t do the project in jsp, and go cgi?

firend Y and mate M has introduce me to their new project, well, I think the product is fun, but time is too limited, I really think B2B is the way, lets see what would happen, but the system is very interesting…..

sis S call today, happy to hear that she is doing good.
met her BF A last week, he came HK for a visit, it was a nice night with friends in cafe!

bro M is now working in mate T’s computer shop, I hope he enjoys it, and learn something. (what I think he would learn is computing is simply no fun!)

I miss R so much, working/chatting/meeting till so late this week, I need to spend some time with her, I really do… I think I only saw her twice last week….

the new Tablet has arrived saftly in SF/US, hum…….can’t wait to put my hands on it, thanks cousine MY and her husband E.

Quote of the day.
– I like Latte, I like Coffee, not Java…..
– M. haha, well…..the light and the dark, am I suppose to laugh?