hum……..week 45!

hum……… this is a funny week, time goes back slow…. real slow…. my head are full of XMLs, Flash ActionScript….jsp……PPC……ar……

latly I am quite mad about going to some upstairs cafe in MK, I found a very good place to spend the night BSing with a cup of good latte and a few smoke!
Rm1101-02, 11/F, 43H Dundas Square, Dundas Street, MK, KWL.
Tel. 35972094
give them a try, I am sure you would like them! I do!

met mate S tonight in MTR, that was a suprise, we didn’t see each other since I was back from AUS, hum..
lets talk more on thursday.

requested by mate S, I should be doing a little note on PalmOne T5 soon, I think there are quite a few things to talk about this machine, bad and good, pros and con, so stay tune.

special memo: happy wedding to mate I, all the best! wish you have a very good honey moon in the island!

special memo2: dear R, thanks for being so nice to me this week, I really enjoy the week, I wish we could stay like this for the rest of our life.

special memo3: bro L and bro M are back, bro L got a parttime job, and bro M is comming back tmr, well, how many years we didn’t sit together as a family? 2? 3?

quote of the week:

no a bad week, for sure not a bad one!