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In quite some pressure, living and work…

I currently felt quite stress out, work or life….
There is actually nothing wrong, just feeling the stress..
Lets hope things get solved out.

RIP for those ones lost their life in Christchurch quake.

May those ones who lost their life rest in peace, and those ones who was injured get well soon…..

God defend New Zealand.

Time fly fast…

Well, time sure fly faster then I do expected…

Time is always against us, which is just so true….

There has been lots going on recently, as always, lots wanted to do, too less time…

A bit late but still, happy 2011…

Sick… again..

It has been a while since my last downtime…
lots to be done this month, so I can’t just call a day off, so I did like:
Dark coffee + Asthma medicine + cold and flu Panadol….

It sure does let me work thru the day, but heartbeat rate really gone up to a uncomfortable level…
I am getting old…

In memory of the Pike River miners.

Is just sad to hear the news….

To all miners who lost their life in the Pike River tragedy, R.I.P.

Update 2010 Nov…

I really should re-arrange my life, currently I felt worked out by life, like dragging towards “don’t know where” by truck or so, chasing deadlines and target day by day….

And honest I don’t seems to be able to get my personal life to get alone..

– Washing “has to be done” and “to the laundry shop” in behind 4~5 days, resulting in “lack of clean clothing”.
– Pick-up laundry was delayed in 3~4 days (can only pick up < 1930 near base), resulting in complains from the laundry lady. - Normal grocery shipping was way behind, the worst case was running low and out of toothpaste and toilet roll for 3 days. - To be developed great idea all delayed to "time unknown", bug fixes that were plan was way behind.. - I was noticed by quite a few friends/mates/family member that I over used the word "Sir/Mam" in conversations resulting from "over customer support handle". - Misses a couple out-going with R, either I was way too tired, or time does not match. Routine is: Mon to Fri - Wake up > Rush to work > Phone calls > Phone calls > Phone calls > Phone calls > 19:00 > Start coding > coding > coding > 2300 Going home > Bath > Some news reading > Sleep > Return.
Sat – Rush to wake up > lunch with R > spend time with R > Some news reading > Sleep
Sun – Sleep > Sleep > Sleep > 1600 Lunch > News Reading + House Keeping > Sleep

Well from the good point of views, at least I am still alive, shouldn’t complain too much…

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I am so much worked out this month, completely drained out..

But there is always good thing to enjoy in life..

1/. Spend 45 mins on finding why a very simple SQL query does not work, it turns out I uses a incorrect configuration file which was pointed to the old SQL table…

2/. Spend 45 mins on a simple CSS define, which turn out to be UTF8 issue..

3/. Attended Google DevFest 2010, thanks Google, event was great, code was good, food was great too, oh yes I love my DevFest T-shirt!

4/. Changed layout in base, now room felt much better.

5/. Gadgets buying as usual, obtained: Apple Magic Trackpad, Sony PS3 camera, AppleTV.

6/. Very busy on work, but I am glad that I do found enjoyment and happiness in them.

7/. Built base system II with recycling parts from work, done streaming system setup from junks.

8/. Thanks God I am still alive, what a surprise.

I am sure I misses quite alot of other things, add them when I do remember them..

Hi all, yes, is that time again…

Time passed by faster than I expected, well, it always does when things are going normally and as it should be..

This year passed fast, I moved, worked hard, brought more gadgets, gain more weights…
I am happy here,
since I am still alive, not dead..


I need to cheer myself up.

Kettle chips do cheer me up…