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Google stops development on Google Waves

It is not a big surprise to hear that Google make this decision…

IMHO Google Waves never took off at all, but is still sad to see that a project that didn’t made its way..

The idea of collaboration system reminds me of something, back in 2003 when I was in Sydney University, I designed something rather similar to Google Waves in an assignment, it was a collaboration portal based on Macromeida Flash, XML, CGI, mySQL for graphics designer to work collaboratively with sync/async timezone and rich graphical content, mock up and prototype was done, since the task of the project was to demo the idea only, so full function code was never done…

I do love the idea of a good online collaboration tools, if I have the time, I sure would try once more on that never finished prototype..(let me see can I still find that somewhere in the hard drives…)

Anyway, R.I.P Google Waves 2010….

Start development on HTML5 and CSS3.

I started a turn base game based on HTML5 & CSS3.

With new animation and storage, and the help of rich CSS3 I think it should be fun to do some games development which do not demand heavy graphics.

Hope I can learn and exercise more with this development.

UTF8 chars escape, URLencode problem in PocketIE

I was doing some web programming for Windows Mobile device, and was facing this problem on Pocket Internet Explorer.

The problem is, for all modern browser, URL request will be encoded and sent in UTF-8, Oprea for PPC (8.65), Netfront (4.5TP) does handle that correctly, only PIE fails to do that, here is the example:

when you process URL:中文
Browser should encode the URL and process:

But in PIE it does not handle it at all, resulting in error on the request.

Many developers handle non-ASCII chars in URL by using escape in JavaScript, in the case PIE fail to handle it too, instead of RFC 2279 standard, %nn%nn, it process the escape as %unnnn which was the very old and outdated way of how it should be done. (I consider something that was already fixed in MSIE 5.x and Netscape 4.x was outdated.)

Instead of using escape(foo), use encodeURIComponent(foo) before using the string as URL fix the problem.

UTF-8 Encoding for Older Browsers – WorldTimeZone


Currently I am on heavily developing on this kind of programming, surprise tho seems many users do not have idea what it is….

Found a good reading from Wiki about it…if you have no idea what it is or you think it has only something to deal with football, you may wanna have a look…


Wikipedia – Ajax (programming)

UTF8, Big5 Perl programming is hell!

SMSed by mateTM, PUMBME I developed does not work anymore as PUMB has currently changed their encoding to UTF8.

Spend almost an hour on it, simple UTF8>Big5 works fine, but when Chars that are not in Big5 mapping will mess up the page. (In the case, someone made a post with Simplified Chinese chars)

I think by now I will just leave it for the time, I really don’t have the time and power to work thur it once again…..

Anyway, IMHO the creation of Simplified Chinese is one of the most uncivilized, dumb, crazy idea in human languages history. (I wonder who the F think of it in the first place, he/she shall burnt in hell forever for this horrible thing he/she introduced).

HK3Zone Mobile Edition

Requested by mate PL, I have spend a few hours on getting my CGI code of MobileEdition for Discuz to HK3Zone.

Little work was needed as most of the code has been developed for Discuz already, only a few Search and Replace and Tweak due to different “Theme” used in the forum.

HK3Zone is a local Discussion Forum for friends powered by Discuz.

Currently you can visit the HK3zone(ME) at:

So now, sit back, relax, and enjoy HK3Zone on the road!

PUMB MobileEdition Screenshots

Thanks for some nice users, we do have some screenshots of PUMB ME running on different mobile devices!

BlackBerry 7100g

BlackBerry 8707v

O2 XDA II with WM5

PalmOne TX with Blazer

Zaurus C3100 with Netfront

Zaurus C3100 with Opera

Zaurus C3100 with Firefox

PUMB Mobile Edition has also been reported to work with Palm Treo600, Treo650, TC, Tapwave Zodiac, SonyEricsson K700i, K750i, Motorola A1000, A1200 (UIQ), Nokia N80, DoCoMo M1000, etc.

Thx everyone, is so happy to hear from you guys, anyone anymore screenshots??

PUMB Mobile Edition

Hi all PUMBer.

Thinks many of you have already been using it, should have posted this in my weblog first…

I have been doing a CGI script to make PUMB usable on mobile devices like Treos / PDAs, and think it is now stable enough to release for public use.

Currently you can visit the PUMB(ME) at:

You will then be redirect to index page of mobile edition PUMB!

So now, sit back and relex, enjoy KOSY and PUMBing anywhere, anytime!!

SmilesDA PUMB-Edition 1.0

SmileDA is a DA for user to input smiles Icon in forum on fly!

This release is actually called PUMB Edition, as it was developed for the use of Smiles Icon in, a forum base in Hong Kong about PDA Users and Interest.
Code has been developed with ease of changing it to support other needs, if you thinks you find a place you would like to use with SmilesDA, please feel free to contact me and I can do some changes to make some custom changes.

You will need any DA Launcher to run this DA, example App/DA Launcher, hi-Launcher or McPhling.

SmilesDA – PUMB Edition is a donate-ware for personal use.
you are free to send it to anyone you like!
If you like the software, would be nice if you can donate a little amount of money to me at my PayPal account theo(AT)rinnovative(DOT)com to show some support.

Download SmileDA – PUMB Edition here:
SmilesDA 1.0 – PUMB Edition(zip)

Programming for Palm OS

Recently, I am back to a few Palm developing for interest, did a few DAs, and a Util….

Palm programming is just so fun. 🙂

Planing on releasing them to public soon….