Getting Windows XP to work with Fujitsu U2010 – Keep updating.

The Fujitsu U2010 comes with Windows Vista Home Premium pre-installed , which to me it was a joke, as the device only comes with 1GB Memory build in (BGA soldered on board and not upgradeable), with the original factory setup, the device boot up with 800MB+ RAM consumed (and 250MB used up by share memory on the display card), that is not usable for user.

As of many Fujitsu user already notice, instead of normal system drivers with system services to work with hardware, Fujitsu loves to make their hardware drivers/addons in many different Applications, I have no idea why programmers in Fujitsu is still doing this; it is fat, slow and not efficient in any way. this is one of the other reason why it took so much RAM when it was factory loaded.

After a heavy tweak with vLite, services removal and hacks, I was able to trim down the OS to load with about 650MB RAM, fairly “ok” boot-up and load speed, but due to the how “the great OS Vista” is, the device was not up to my standard for speedy use.

So it goes back to the old routine, getting the old good Windows XP.

The XP installation goes fine, and the hard part will be the drivers and we will cover that in later section.

With the XP SP2 nLited OS, I got about 300MB RAM consumed after boot up, overall usage experience is about 300% faster than on Vista, especially in system boot up (I installed a Sandisk Extreme IV CF to 1.8 ZIF mod. as my OQO 02 does, on the U2010, it gets even better performance, really getting close to the promise speed from Sandisk, 40MB/sec (38.9MB/sec read, 29MB/sec write on CF to ZIF, compare to the 1.8 inch ZIF HDD @ 29MB/sec read and 20MB/sec write), and all operation with the OS is way more responsive.

Our major problem, Display driver.
U2010 uses an Intel Display chip set for MID computers call GMA500 (aka Poulsbo chip set), this chip set is very new and Intel do not offer any XP drivers yet (or ever?), using IEGD kit 9.0 from Intel I was able to build my own Display drivers for Poulsbo with a lot of draw backs. but at least, display is working for all resolutions up to 1280×800. the draw backs are:
1/: No hardware acceleration in any means, IEGD was never meant for end user and/or releases to public, so too bad.
2/: screen rotate does not work.
3/: due to how Fujitsu design their “Application like” drivers, nope, hotkeys does not work either, and Touch screen is not working under 1280×800 mode either.

So conclusion by now, Windows XP on Fujitsu U2010 is NOT USABLE, I will keep this update once I get more on it, but by now, this is as far as I can get.

here is the summary:

– Hotkeys Does not work, it is believe to be related to the hacked GMA 500 Display drivers, hotkeys apps from Fujitsu do call Display drivers for some reason when system start up.
– CF Slot, shown no resources for this devices in Device Manager.
– Touch Screen does not work under 1280×800 mode.
– Display performance is bad with the IEGD driver.

What works?
– Fingerprint scanner works with the drivers provided under Vista
– WiFi works with simple Atheros WLAN driver for XP.
– LAN works with XP build in driver.
– Sound works with normal Realtek HD Audio drivers for XP
– SD Card slot, works with XP buildin drivers, for SDHC Windows update is needed, it is a common issue for Windows XP SP2.