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Print Spool service has stop and printer stop working

Print Spool

I came across this problem on at work today.

Printer gone missing and first thing I checked was print spool service and I notice it has been off in service.smc, try re-enable it and it stop itself after a little while…

Turns out there is a cache problem on the spool printer files issue.

Removing files in C:\Windows\System32\spool\PRINTERS\*, restarting “Print Spooler” service solved the problem.

HP Lasterjet P2035n on Windows 7 Home Premium

I need to setup a network printers (HP Lasterjet P2035n) at work on Windows 7 Home Premium (64bit)

Went to Devices and Printers. Add a printer, Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer, next, everything went smooth…

Until I try to print a page, the printer keeps on printing until there is no paper in tray, I cannot even cancel the print queue…

A bit of search results me in the page on answers.microsoft.com, seems this is a known problem since 2009, I wonder what HP or Microsoft has been doing for this problem to still exist in 2013?

Anyway the quick solution, after you setup the printer, before you do ANY print job, right click on the Printer > Printer properties > Ports > Untick “Enable bidirectional support” and it should fix the issue.

Answer.microsoft.com – HP P2035n (network printer) is printing non-stop instead of a single page after upgrade to Win-7 from Vista Home Premium.