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Not Google TV, but an Android TV..

A famous local HDTV set top / PVR box manufacturer has done it, a build in 42 inch LCD full HD TV with Android 2.2 build in!

Model number 8TV4233, featuring 42 inch 50000:1, 1080p, RGB, VGA, HDMI in X4, USB X 2, DVB-T decode, PVR and the most important, Android OS!!! (Too bad it is on 2.2, I wonder what solution it is gonna use, lets ROOT+OC+Whatsoever it, if source code were EVER released…)

As advertised, the main sale point of this device is the build in browser for Internet browsing with Flash support.
TVB, the leading local TV station, provide TV shows ondemand services by mytv.tvb.com, which uses Flash + encrypted H264 to serve TV Shows, which iOS is missing, there should be a fair amount of users who would like this on a TV.

No word on price or release date yet, but I sure I am interested…

Eight Group – Spec PDF (8TV4233)
Eight Group – Product page 8TV4233

Good tips and tricks about Samsung Galaxy S II

Saw this post over at android forum, very good to read just in case you forgot or don’t know.

If you are yet another 3 million SGS2 owner/user in these 55 days, it sure is a worth to read.

Android Forum – Tips n Tricks thread.

My wanted software list on a mobile device on 2011-June

Back in 2007, I made a post about “My wanted software list on a mobile device”, by the time those idea was as my describe, dreams, seems a good time to go for a renew on the topic in mid-2011.

First, lets compare the old list back in 2007…
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