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My wanted software list on a mobile device on 2011-June

Back in 2007, I made a post about “My wanted software list on a mobile device”, by the time those idea was as my describe, dreams, seems a good time to go for a renew on the topic in mid-2011.

First, lets compare the old list back in 2007…
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UTF8 chars escape, URLencode problem in PocketIE

I was doing some web programming for Windows Mobile device, and was facing this problem on Pocket Internet Explorer.

The problem is, for all modern browser, URL request will be encoded and sent in UTF-8, Oprea for PPC (8.65), Netfront (4.5TP) does handle that correctly, only PIE fails to do that, here is the example:

when you process URL:中文
Browser should encode the URL and process:

But in PIE it does not handle it at all, resulting in error on the request.

Many developers handle non-ASCII chars in URL by using escape in JavaScript, in the case PIE fail to handle it too, instead of RFC 2279 standard, %nn%nn, it process the escape as %unnnn which was the very old and outdated way of how it should be done. (I consider something that was already fixed in MSIE 5.x and Netscape 4.x was outdated.)

Instead of using escape(foo), use encodeURIComponent(foo) before using the string as URL fix the problem.

UTF-8 Encoding for Older Browsers – WorldTimeZone

My wanted software list on a mobile device.

Saw a few “most wanted software” list for a mobile, why not making one?

Mail client that support IMAP IDEAL, HTML mail and unicode, please no more expensive M$ exchange or Blackberry Enterprise server….(why pay when free technology is out there?)

A login/passwords PIM that syncs with desktops, I wonder why no one bundle them with their “Smartphone”? isn’t it so common for us to have way too many passwords to remember?

A “normal” media player, TCPMP is very close, all I want is an open skin/plugins system support media player, at least support XVID/DIVX, MP4, MP3, FLV, WMA/WMV/ASX/ASF, http/RTSP/MMS streamming…

Data syncing in all connections, any computer.
WiFi Activesync has been disabled (now AS only sync with M$Exchange OTA, claims by M$ this change is to enable better security from corporate users…), and users are limited to sync with only 2 sets of PCs, more partnerships will not be allow, I mean, I am the owner, I choose whatever devices I want to sync to! (Miss hotsync for that)

A real, up to standard, normal browser!
Blazer is a joke, Oprea mini is buggy/slow, PocketIE is slow/render pages badly, Opera WM is buggy, Netfront (Access) is not updated…
I don’t care Firefox on mobile, Opera Revolutions, PocketIE X.0 with WebKit/Opera/PIE engine, just give me a browser that support CSS1/2, Standard XMLSocket, JavaScript 1.2+, a “normal” HTML rendering engine, We web programmers will show you the rest!

Mapping network resources as local resources.
FTP/SFTP/NFS/Samba are so common now, why not mounting them as a storage card in the system but pre-downloading data everytime we want/need them?

To be honest, I think the above is not a “Day dreamming” list, all Smartphone OS now a days should have enough power and abilities to do so, some of the features even existed by 3rd party software addon on different platform, but just no one bundled them all in one in a device yet….

What do you think?

Changing search engine used in frontpage of PocketIE

On the i600 default front page of PIE, there is a quick search input field for user to quick search their query.

It was set to use Microsoft Live search engine, which of coz, I prefer Google as my search engine more.

So if you want to search like what I prefer, here is the Registry key you need:
HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftInternet ExplorerMainSearch Page

The default setting for using Microsoft Live is:

Original MS Live setting.

For using Google:

New Google search setting.

You can even add more query options to it for Google search, if you want to know more please search for Google hacks.

My Mobiler – remote control your Windows Mobile

A freeware I use often with my i600, it allow user to remote their WM devices by Active sync on your desktop, very very useful when I am on my OQO02 with BT sync connection.

No trouble installation and setting is needed, just install the exe with a Active Sync connection and follow the screen on your WM will do!

It supports WM2003, WM5 and WM6.

Heads up and download it now!

What’s added, what’s missed in Samsung SGH-i600 WM6 STD upgrade?

Whats off?
– Skype 2.2Beta (Stay in connecting screen, cannot login)
– Clockontop (Seems crashing the system randomly)

Whats on?
– Slightly faster response to user input, like menu, switching between apps, etc.
– Icons, Vista like icons, larger 3G Icon on homescreen, new Un-Read SMS Icon (Where is Areo on WM6 STD?)
– Windows update. (Oh…Yeah….on WM6 STD…)
– Call History, now not only showing the last call record for the entry, but a list of records, thats handy.
– HTML Email support, and better download policy settings, you can now select different size to download on HTML email or Plain text email. (Easier to read those spam email?)
– TCPMP (Was having a conflict with homescreen on i600 WM5, now working.)
– Windows live (Somehow I cannot get it work, it does not load my contact list, thinks it is my personal problem tho)
– Oh yes, the version number in Settings>About, it does show Windows Mobile 6 Standard now. (For all those version number lover only….you know what, system core is still on 5.2!)

– Some of the addon to WM6 STD from MS is missing in the i600 upgrade, example MS Office for WM6 STD, thinks Samsung still loves Piscel Viewer (which of coz you can google the MS Office WM6 STD CAB file and install it back in), VOIP app on WM6 is missing…

May try to add more from time to time, have you discover what is on and what is off? let me know!

Adding Chinese/Japanese/Korean support to SGH-i600 WM6 STD.

At the meantime, there is still no official releases on the Samsung SGH-i600 device yet in Hong Kong (Which was known to be named i608), with the current Europe WM6 STD upgrade, we need some extra work to get Chinese/Japanese/Korean Language to display correctly on i600.

The following steps is just a lazy way of getting things work, but not the only or the best, cleanest way to do so, if you do have even MORE LAZY way, please do let me know.

What is included? what is not?
– Following steps are for viewing Chinese/Japanese/Korean Chars only, if you need Input method, you can either keep the CEStar input part, which is a shareware, or find some other IME.
– Full MSJH.ttf is 14MB, which included Chinese (Simp/Trad)/Japanese/Korean fonts, it does eats up lots of storage RAM, I have seen some hacked version which only include Chinese(Simp/Trad) flowing around the net, try google it.

Gentleman, start your engine!

1/: Download CEStar for WM5/WM6 STD from

2/: Install CEStar to your i600 WM6 STD by running setup.exe, it will reset your phone after the installation loading the new NLS. (Just in case you only want to read but not edit, you can remove WindowStartupDynaNls.lnk, which is the input program after the reboot, remember CEStar is a shareware, I do not use the IME, so I remove it, and it does expires if you do not register it anyway.)

3/: You should need to do Application unlock (SDA Unlock) before you can change Fonts Settings, you can find more of SDA Unlock by my older post on Application unlock the Samsung SGH-i600

4/: Download “Mobile Registry Editor”, a Registry Editor on your PC side (of coz, if you prefer to edit these long entries on your smartphone, you can do so by tools like “Resco Registry Editor”, but I think it is just too hard to do so).

5/: Make sure ActiveSync is connected, run “MobileRegistryEditor.exe”

6/: Multi-byte char handle in PIE (PocketIE) does not handle word-warp correctly, so text will not be warp correctly with the new fonts settings (And also other application which uses the PIE rendering engine), we need a bit hack here, edit HKLMNLSOLCID to 1028 (Decimal) and SystemLCID to 2052 (Decimal), now PIE should handle these multi-bytes word wrap correctly.

7/: Copy msjh.ttf (14MB) to your /windows/ on the smartphone.

8/: Edit HKLMSoftwareMicrosoftFontLinkSystemLink/, you should be able to see how Fonts are defined, change them to “Windowmsjh.ttf,Microsoft JhengHei” (You can also delete the other fonts CEStar installed to save some space under Window, as you do not need them anymore.)

9/: A little reboot shall then load the new MSJH (Microsoft JhengHei) fonts.

10/: You shold be able to view Chinese(Simp/Trad)/Japanese/Korean Chars correctly by now.

I may add photos and screenshots later on, too busy at work for capturing screen now.

Samsung SGH-i600 upgraded to WM6 Standard How to.

Ok, it has been done!

At the time of typing this post, only a few option are available on Samsung mobile i600 upgrade site. (Samsung Mobile :: Upgrade Your Ultra Messaging i600 to Windows Mobile 6)

With all the information we gather these few days, it is to believe that all updater Samsung provided is THE SAME VERSION.

My i600 was on UK firmware, with version i600XXGC6, and when I run the updater, it prompt me a “Incorrect version” error… seems that it is checking for machine country settings.

A cool user in, panateo has come to a work-around! (In stead of sit still and wait for the update)

QUOTE(panateo @ Aug 3 2007, 16:22) *
Hi Guys,

I’ve just updated an Italian i600, following these steps:

– Update the i600 to s/w i600XXGD1 if not already with that version
– Change the pre-settings to dutch version:

Enter in the “Admin setting” menu:

Enter in the “Preconfiguration” menu:
Operator Code *#81230*#

– select “Netherlands”, the phone will reboot a couple of times

– run the “i600UXXupdater.exe” and follow the instructions.

Then, if you need to change your Country / Operator, you need to perform the “Admin” procedure again.

Since WM6 uses a larger memory partition, I suppose that the first boot code modifies the partition before upgrading the phone with the proper WM6.

I also think that the s/w version is one for all the country, since xx means generic Europe. “U” is surely referred to the WM6 sersion of the i600.

hope this helps,


I confirm that it does work, without any problemon my i600 with i600XXGCX version.

1/: Go to Samsung Mobile :: Upgrade Your Ultra Messaging i600 to Windows Mobile 6, select whatsoever language, fill in the form, remember, it is the serial number at the back of your i600, not IMEI!!

2/: You should be prompt to download a few files, i600UXXupdater.exe (90.5 MB (95,001,535 bytes)), (478 KB (490,383 Bytes)).

3/: Install the Samsung CDMA Modem Driver by running the setup.exe, files shall be placed in C:Program filesSamsungSAMSUNG CDMA Modem (You can remove it later on by “Add and Remove Programs” this driver is NEEDED to do the upgrade, make sure you get it installed correctly)

4/: Make sure ActiveSync 4.5 is installed and running, some user report different version of ActiveSync is need, nope, any ActiveSync 4.5 will do!

5/: Backup your phone, you always do that when upgrading any firmware isn’t it? either by ActiveSync or your selected backup software.

6/: Tricky part, follow the above “Admin setting” by entering the *#1546792*# keys in Dialer screen, select Preconfiguration, password is *#81230*# (Credit goes to panateo!), and change your setting to Netherlands, or what-so-ever country you download the updater from Samsung upgrade site, the phone shall reboot.

7/: Connect i600 to your PC (I strongly suggest a Direct USB connection instead of USB Hub connection, seen too many problem for USB in these cases), run i600UXXupdater.exe, you shall be prompt with language, select English, tick the options, click “Verify device” button, it should ask you to follow instruction on your i600… (Just in case you got “Incorrect Version” error, please check again with Step 6)

8/: Press and hold the buttons as the screen ask you to on i600 for 2 seconds, phone should reboot into Bootloader mode, and downloading WM6 firmware shall begin..

9/: It should take approximately 10 minutes to download everything, I do suggest not doing any funny thing on your PC side at the same time, we have been waiting for WM6 on i600 for so long, we can wait that little 10 minutes isn’t it?

10/: PC side shall popup Download complete, your i600 shall reboot, I think 1 or 2 times.

11/: Almost done, your i600 is now on WM6 Standard!!!! but remember we changed the “Admin Setting”? it is a good thing to change it back to default I think. (Actually on my i600 it was really stated as “Default” instead of UK in the Preconfiguration option, ok, Defualt it is!)

12/: Restore your Data, example contacts, data etc, and done done, Enjoy WM6 Standard!

A few thing is missing on the upgrade tho, like MS Office for WM6 Standard(Which Samsung prefers Piscal Viewer), VOIP from MS, for Office, I think the CAB is easily found on google, do a few search you should be able to add it back in, no idea on the VOIP tho.

At last, thanks once again to user panateo from, wouldn’t be that easy without his cool information on the Admin Setting!!!! (Maybe we are still waiting for the UK version…)

PS: I have report from mate S that his i600 does not have any Europe area option, seems that they are having an Asia version here (Area options like Singapore/Malaysia etc), a work-around for users with Asia version to do the upgrade now is flashing the device to EU version (GD1) before the WM6 upgrade (Who is going to wait for Asia WM6 upgrade? we don’t even heard or smell any “Upgrade” here yet…) oqo02

WM6 Standard for Samsung SGH-i600, finally!!!!!

Seems info has been flooded everywhere, just in case you haven’t read it yet.

Too bad only Netherlands and Russia language is avl now, waiting for English version…


Officalls – Samsung Europe
Modaco – WM6 for i600 NOW AVAILABLE!

Windows Mobile 6 Standard upgrade for Samsung SGH-i600, true or false?

In the search for more information on the i600, I came across a site with a review of i600.

Claims by a website:
Samsung recently announced that existing i600 owners will get a free upgrade to the new Windows Mobile 6. The update will be released on May 26th for testing, after which it will be available for current users to download. The important features in Windows Mobile 6 include Voice Command, Windows Update, Microsoft Office Mobile and Windows Live….

The site didn’t state any info on when/where/how Samsung announced tho.

On the other hand, I have also came across a few discussion group and site claims WM6 STD upgrade will/should only be released by Samsung on the US release i607 (Blackjack) but not the others (i600 for the rest of the world, with different Band and Wifi)…

True? or False?
26 of May, not long to see…

Honest, with the limited OMAP 220MHz CPU on the i600, if the WM6 upgrade speeds up the device, I am more than happy for an upgrade (Many source do consider and thinks WM6 STD sounds very like SP2 of WM5, which bug fixes, and speed up the OS other than a large upgrade with big difference on the OS core.), or if it is the other way round, like all M$ updates that slowwwwwwww the device down (Looking on the WM5 upgraded hx4700 on the desk), hum……

Vista Ultimate – Reviews: Samsung i600 Windows Mobile Smartphone.
Modoco – Samsung i600 WM6 upgrade– Will it happen ??