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More code done on the backend!

Spend about 4 hours on the backend of the Weblog, now it is more friendly to admin on mobile devices. (Was having quite a bit cookie problem with Blazer on Treo650 before…)

Also add in quick comment audit/remove/remove spam function, with notice email sent to comment poster about their comments being approved.

Programming this Weblog is just so fun!

Trackbacks, to be or not to be?

As you may already see, I am back for some programming on the weblog.

Comment system has been developed, I try my best to keep it simple so I gave authentication like radom picture code a pass, anyway I would like to audit whats in the comment before it is publish anyway, please feel free to do give it a try.

Back to Trackbacks, I think it is such a great idea of letting Bloggers to actually “tell” the original poster about their link or referral, but it also come up to my attention:

“Some individuals or companies have abused the TrackBack feature to insert spam links on some blogs (see sping). This is similar to comment spam but avoids some of the safeguards designed to stop the latter practice. As a result, TrackBack spam filters similar to those implemented against comment spam now exist in many weblog publishing systems. Many blogs have stopped using trackbacks because dealing with spam became too burdensome.”
Quote from WiKi of Trackbacks

I think technically Trackbacks isn’t very hard to develope for Theo’s weblog, but with the above issue I am quite concern about it…

To be? Or not to be?

Didn’t do much programming to the Weblog for long….

Hum, I would really love to have more function l think….

Trackback , Comments, more Mobile friendly, themes, better admin system, email/SMS/MMS to Weblog….etc etc….

Think I should spend sometime on him…

What do you think on the new look?

The Weblog has a new look!
Spend a little bit time on just a little bit more visual changes by CSS.

What do you think?
Anyway these are the archive of how the weblog used to look.

Year 2005

Year 2004

Added a bit more to the Weblog…

Hum… these update seems not so “visible”..

– Site icon in Firefox (I just love this icon!)
– RSS support in Firefox
– “Track back this article” function, allowing user to link to each arcticle easily. (20060310 Removed, for now, untill I think of a better idea..)
– Fixed the counter XML err (or mistake?).
– Fixed a few bugs.
– Changed the background color “just a little bit” darker..

Ok thats it for the morning, maybe more tonight…

Weblog was down for a few hours….

Hum, first time I ever notice it before it was fix…
The down time was cause by invaild chars in the counter XML…Luckly it was down for only a few hours and it is a quick fix…(come on, this is a weblog, not a online store…hehe)

Sounds like more code time..Ok….SQL or not??

If you find bugs in the site, please let me know…….

Find that my hosting has changed some setting in the server for better security, (NB you should have notice me…..) some of the cgi may have to be change/mod to work in the new ENV……

If you find a bug, or error, please do let me know….
I will try to fix it/them…..

Ok, Administration side now!

Finally, time to do the admin side now! (should have done it for long….. it is far behind all those fancy function to the front-end now!)

Well, didn’t code well tonight, sort of finishing on the category administration, yet to develope a better UI for user to add/remove post to categories…

Anyway, developing focus are back to admin side now, lets see how it goes!

Yeap ATOM done!

Spend a little bit time on the ATOM Feed, it is not as easy as RSS I think….

Anyway as you can see on the right under “Syndication Others”, ATOM feed has been added.

Oh yes, very good Reference on ATOM here, must read if you are developing on ATOM!

Also added friend C’s blog, the CazzoBlogz to the Links, pay a visit, nice blog there man!

I know is time to do the Admin side, I know, I know……

RSS is fun!

Hum……. yep, I think RSS is getting there, it does really match it’s name:
Really Simple Syndication
Nice name!

I just love this idea, get the info at the smallest and fastest way.

Seems more RSS function and ATOM Feed are the next thing to be done on this Weblog.