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Hum……….I did not update my weblog for long…

I am just showing I am still alive, during these few months I spend most of my time developing for work and movian, so didn’t get any updates here…..

Once again, hi friends, I am still alive, surprise isn’t it?

Ajax theo’s weblog?

I do lots of AJAX related coding at work and for other projects, I begin to see more and more DHTML, AJAX used in blog systems, should I recode Theo’s weblog in AJAX and more DHTML? or taking good care of older users on WebPro?

Time to do some more coding on the Weblog, to be or not to be….

When I first develop this Weblog back in 2004, it was never meant to be a big log, it was just a for fun developing… (Please see Finally, Theo’s web log is up.)

In the past few years, the log has grown into larger size, and more functions…

Due to limitation of ENV when I develop this weblog, SQL is not an option, so XML was used for the whole site, and now when I am would like to introduce more new functions to the it, I found that it gets harder and harder to work with..

Thinks maybe it is time to again re-code on it with SQL….

To be or not to be…..hum….time is always against us…

Weblog was down…..

Hum……Weblog and me was down…..

Weblog was down due to the earthquake (Sort of….)

I was down due to cold cause by a stay in the FREEZING datacentre…..

Well, at least, we are still alive….


Added Snap Preview Anywhere on the Weblog

Click to enlarge

I was thinking of simular function to the Weblog for a while, and find this great service today.

When you do a Mouse-over on an external link, a preview snap box will be prompt for user to decide where to go. (Actually preview of internal link can be enable by setting si=1, but currently it is not enable.)

The “Snap Preview Anywhere” service is free and easy to install, heads off snap and regist for a key, insert a line of HTML code to your source will do! (Nice AJAX there!)

If you like it, give it a try!

Snap – Get Snap
Snap – Snap Preview Anywhere FAQ

New feature added to Theo’s weblog!

Spend a little bit time on the lovly weblog tonight, added a few feature!

RSS Feed for Comments
Added “RSS Feed for Comments”, Comments and reply are now available in RSS Feeds, providing a better trace for users on reply and new comments!

Digg and Delicious
Added “Digg” and “Delicious” for reader to submit interested post to their site!

Fill in the Blanks
Added “Fill in the Blanks function” function by simple JavaScript, should have done this simple function for long, it will remember the fields needed for the comment posting (don’t worry, they are stored in your local cookie), handy isn’t it?

Added more error handling on Admin backend ready for use by Administrators.


What do you think?

Hum….What has been read?

The Weblog was down for about few hours due to corrupted xml log file used by counter, so I spend little bit time fixing it….

Ok, so a little bit summary on 2006…

The top 5 most read post was:
1/: Palm – How do I convert Movie content to my Palm with MEncoder
2722 viewers
2/: 歌詞 – 好心好報 合唱版
1883 viewers
3/: Palm – How do I convert Ringtone to my Treo650 with FFMPEG
1630 viewers
4/: Palm – Getting new PIM in OS5s to work with Fossil WristPDA
1430 viewers
5/: Palm – How-to – RSS Feed reading by QuickNews
1020 viewers

So post in Palm category has been read most, 4/5 in the ranking!


QRCode for weblog added!

As you may not notice, but since the last change on the site outlook early this year, Theo’s Weblog was decorated with some kind of pattern…

It is actually call QRCode, a 2D barcode widely use in Japan!

Many mobile phones in Japan comes with encoder/decoder build-in working with the digital camera, save ALOT of typing isn’t it?


I actually did the code quite sometime ago, but completely forgot about it….

You can try a online demo here!

Give me QRCode!

QRCode Officalls site (Jap / Eng)
QR Code – Wikipedia

Bugs fixes undergo……

Nice to catch a few bugs, and some improvements: like bugs of missing comment(s) in comment auditing system , error of timeout due to long loop in index page, cleaner and faster code…….

A few new features were planned, like RSS for comments, more auto notice to comments reply, even some fancy version of the weblog (Flash with FLAX, AJAX version), but I really don’t have the time for it right now, keep them in my head, do them while I can.

My feeling on Perl is….
It is hard to learn, has a way longer learning curve, compare to PHP, but if a user spend enough time on it, I think the long learning curve DOES worth it!

P.S: Hum………just thought of it….wonder does mate D still uses Perl now?

Spam on the comment system…

Since I started to introduce the comment system on the weblog, I recieve SPAMs on the comments every single day (or few hours?)…

1/. If you are spammer, stop spamming my weblog, as I manualy audit EVERY single comment, you won’t get in by any mean, any chance.

2/. Do these sapmmer really think people are going to go their website/buy their product/use their service when they spam on others?
I personally WILL NOT! and ever.

Luckily I only did comment for Theo’s weblog, which is easiler to admin, can’t think of trackbacks or others……